My Story

Let me begin by saying that I always wanted to be successful. Even at a very young age I would find myself spending hours upon hours creating and testing and well... failing. No matter how hard I tried for most of my life every project I started would always turn out to be a bust. But that never got me down,  I was a tough kid and I never let myself fall too hard. I would always get right back up design something new something better and try again, and again, and again. You get the idea. I acted that way until I was twenty years old when I successfully pro-logged my first chapter.

Fast forward to late 2016, I took over a tiny plugin called KitPreview for my even tinier Minecraft server in which I named Vicernity. I really wanted it to work out that was all I would dream about then but like everything else I had going on back then, it eventually fell through, probably for the better. But by this point I had already made a few more plugins. One called RepairPlus and another called EpicSpawners. EpicSpawners today is probably my largest and most popular creation but back when it was first conscripted all my peers told me it was not only an awful idea but that it would never work. One person even went as far as to tell me i should just stop programming and find something else to do all together. What a nice kid. But I don't really do the whole giving up thing, so I didn't do that. I stuck with it even though I wasn't the greatest programmer at the time and eventually my efforts started to pay off and the plugins along with my programming experience grew to be something larger than I could have possibly imagined they could ever become, at least back then.

Today, well let's just say if I were somehow able to read a list of my future accomplishments I would absolutely not believe any of it. I remember distinctly when I got my first professional logo made for EpicSpawners. I was so proud I basically cried and at the steep price of one hundred 
dollars I honestly didn't think I would ever get another one done. Today I have five, three hundred dollar logos done for some of my highest rated products, wow. I am truly shocked that I got to a position where that price does not bring tears to my eyes. Eventually however I stopped buying logos, as my skills in graphic design got to the point where it really made more sense to make my own. 

My programming skills have absolutely transcended anything I ever thought I could do. I'm partnered with large companies like Cloudflare, Atlassian and Honey. I own a popular Minecraft marketplace. I have fourteen premium plugins expanding from my original EpicSpawners plugin with hundreds of thousands of users. I could never have believed I would get to where I am today. With that said, I never stood away from those core beliefs, and as everyday goes by, I do my part to make my little corner of the world a better place no matter how big or small my impact actually is.

You may be able to make it alone, but it won't be easy. It took me a long time to realize it but theres something about teamwork that makes success so much more fulfilling. I love leading, empowering others to find success and working together to achieve just that. Even if you think you have no one and that is almost always not actually the case, even if you think it may be in one moment. Without my team, I would never have gotten half the way to where I am now. The only regret I have is that I didn't find these people sooner and to all who know my team best. I would never have made it even close without Annie. Her drive and ambition keeps me on my toes and constantly I find myself looking to her for advice and guidance. Everyone has their perfect partner, best friend and she's mine.

This adventure I've been blessed with, it's always been about leadership. About driving towards my goals and accomplishing my dreams. Teamwork is important, but hiding behind people when you're scared is something that should always been avoided. Fear is something you can never let hold you back. This is something that in my darkest moments I've been known to forget. But when you believe in something, if you want to get somewhere, you have to open your eyes, take those first steps, run that final mile, and do it. You can't just pretend someone else will do it for you. Success is easy, so long as you believe you can do it.

I wanna make an impact, you could call it my life goal, my ultimate aspiration. To affect as many people as I can before I die, and even if I affect just one person, that's enough for me. Because the moment I draw my last breath. I'll know I did something with my life. That's why I do what I do. That's why I work such long hours caring little for myself and more for everyone I love. That's why a single person who should mean nothing to me can bring me down. I love everyone and everything and you know someday I'll make it big, and I'll show the world who I am, and then I'll make it just a bit more beautiful In any way I can;

Thank you for reading. Just do me a favor and try your best to help make the world a better place. Because no matter how how hard any of us try, we won't even make a dent if none of us try.

All Love,

Software Engineer

© 2019 by Brianna O'Keefe